Drifting Thoughts

Today starts a new adventure for me. What is it I am looking for. I don’t know or I know too much. I am looking for so much, will this help me get there? Possibly, step by step. What am I saying? How will I approach this, my new blog. What do I want to share. What do I have to say.

So many thoughts cross my mind. Clarity will come with time.

Today I chose to start as these are turbulent times we and I personally live in. How do we and I personally cope? We shall see.

I am all over the place but need to be here. Will this ground me? Will you, the reader get something from my ramblings? Will we go through this together?

On the road, to see what we can find.

I look forward to it. Join me, will you? Let’s now have some tea, shall we?


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